The Dump


Able&Baker Studios was selected as one of the studios involved in Netflix “Love Death & Robots” series. Created by Tim Miller and David Fincher, the series consists of 18 animated shorts, and gathers the talent of some of the most reknown studios of the industry.

The 8-min animation is based on Joe Lansdale´s short story of the same name. It takes us to a dump that has been Ugly Dave’s home for nearly all his life. He receives the visit of an inspector with an eviction order, who will discover that Dave´s not alone, and he and his pet are not going anyway… neither the inspector.

The Dump was produced at Able&Baker Studios with the direction of Javier Recio.

Our team was delighted to be a part of this series, full of action, sci-fi and good stories, and with the experience of bringing to life such a great script, and such a great monster.





Art Direction

David Cabrera

Executive Producer

Carlos Tschuschke

CG Supervision

CG Supervision


August 4, 2022