On the occasion of the World Environment Day and The Day of the Oceans, the Fundación Reina Sofía (The Queen Sofía Foundation) commissioned to Sr.Rushmore and Able&Baker the development of this short film. The idea was to tell a story that could made the viewer see how harmful it can be the misuse of plastic for our environment and all living beings that inhabit it, including ourselves.

The short portrays a newborn marine turtle, in its run to get to the sea facing the danger of a mother seagull that´s trying to get some food for its hatching chick. There will be no good ending for anyone in this story, since plastics in the oceans have turned their surroundings into an uninhabitable place.

Lemon was produced at Able&Baker Studios with the direction of Javier Recio.

It was an honor for Able&Baker to take part in such a project that tries to visualize one of the worst dangers for the future of life in our planet.


Fundación Reina Sofía



Art Direction

David Cabrera

Executive Producer

Carlos Tschuschke

CG Supervision

Ramón Giráldez

Animation Direction

Jordi Solanes


August 5, 2022