Able&Baker Studios was selected as one of the studios involved in Netflix “Love Death & Robots” series. Created by Tim Miller and David Fincher, the series consists of 18 animated shorts, and gathers the talent of some of the most reknown studios of the industry.

The 8-min animation is based on Joe Lansdale´s short story of the same name. It takes us to a dump that has been Ugly Dave’s home for nearly all his life, when he receives the visit of an inspector with an eviction order. The inspector will discover that Dave´s not alone, and he and his pet are not going anyway.. neither the inspector.


The Dump was produced at Able&Baker Studios with the direction of Javier Recio.

Our team was delighted to be a part of this series, full of action, sci-fi and good stories, and with the experience of bringing to life such a great script, and such a great monster.



Javier Recio


Senior Team:

David Cabrera: Art Direction

Carlos Tschuschke: Executive Producer

Ramón Giráldez: CG Supervision


Alberto Cotaina, Álvaro Granados, Daniel Martín Peixe, David Lamas, David Notivoli,  Jesús del Campo, Manuel Pedreño, David Cabrera, Diego Pascual, Alejandro Grassano, Oscar Jimenez Vargas, Ángel Pinilla,  Jose Luis Navarro,  Agustín González, Alejandro Carretón, Miguel Caamaño, Rafael Catalán, Diego Gortazar, Victor Moreno, Ester Clúa, Fátima Davite, Laia Guerrero, Noela Leis, Álvaro Fernández, Fernando Marañón, Jaime Visedo, Almudena Sierra, Oscar Medina, Ángel Galindo,  Arturo Coso,  María Tasis, María Pagán, Miguel Angel Espada